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Auto Brake Repair In Sulphur Springs, TX

The Best Brake Service Is Worth Stopping For

Your Safety Depends On Your Brakes. That’s Why You Depend On Us.

Brakes are something that most drivers don’t think about – unless they can’t stop their car when they need to. Fortunately, Sulphur Springs CDJR experts specialize in helping your vehicle stop quickly, smoothly, and easily. Whether you drive a new or used Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, or Jeep, whether you live in town or in Greenville or Tyler, we’re committed to keeping you safe.

Stopping On A Dime Doesn’t Have To Be Pricey.

What stops people faster than anything else when it comes to getting brake work done? We know. It’s the cost – either a real quote from someplace or a "best guess" looked up on the internet.

Before we begin work on your vehicle, our CDJR specialists will give you an estimate that lists what work is needed and what each item costs in parts and labor. We’ll also let you know how long the work will take. Sometimes, depending on what’s going on with your brakes, we can complete the work in phases so it’s easier on your budget.

Do Your Brakes Need Servicing? Stop, Look, Listen.

The brake pads, brake caliper and brake rotor on each wheel are the primary elements of disc brake systems. Brake pads and rotors on all vehicles wear out eventually and need to be replaced. Here are some signals you should make an appointment with one of our brake experts soon — very soon.

  • Squealing or Rasping Noise - Small metal fibers on the bottom of brake pads get noisy when the pads get worn. This is how they alert you that the “grippy” material isn’t doing its job. That means it’s time for us to do ours.
  • Jittery Braking – If your brakes shudder or tremble when you’re trying to stop, the rotors could be warped. Sometimes the surface of the brake rotor can be cleaned or ground down to flatten it. Usually, though, it’s easier, less costly, and safer to replace the brake rotors.
  • Brake Pad Thickness – As part of regular maintenance like when your tires are rotated or you’re getting one of our oil changes, ask us to check how thick the brake pads are.
  • If you have any difficulty stopping your vehicle, this is a danger to you, your riders and other drivers.

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